Standing Rules

1. A newcomer orientation shall be held annually, if possible, to acquaint new members with the traditions of the club. The Second Vice President shall chair this orientation.

2. New members shall be asked to serve on the Hospitality Committee for one year.

3. The Club seeks information on legislative measures but does not endorse partisan political measures or persons.

4. No appeals for financial aid shall be made without permission of the Executive Board.

5. All notices to be placed on the Agenda shall be given to the President, at least one business day before time of reading.

6. Members:

  • Please notify the Second Vice President and Financial Secretary of all changes in address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address.
  • Please report Club member illness, injury, hardship or death to the Corresponding Secretary and the President.
  • RESERVATIONS MADE, RESERVATIONS PAID. A member making a reservation for a paid event shall be required to pay whether attended or not.
  • 7. Building and Equipment: This building and all furnishings are the property of the Eureka Woman’s Club and SHALL NOT be loaned or removed from the premises, without permission of House Chair(s).

  • The silver service may only be used for Club activities.
  • The piano shall be kept locked for protection until used.
  • The piano shall not be moved without the permission of House Chair(s).
  • No nails are to be driven in the walls, nor sticky tape used, without the permission of House Chair(s).
  • 8. The amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be donated to the Building Fund in memory of a deceased member, and the family shall be notified by the Corresponding Secretary.

    Bylaws revised September & December, 2014, by board with general membership approval.