Facility & Amenities

The Fireside room is comfortable for 40 people with the dimensions of 32′ X 22′.

The Great Hall has a capacity of 150 people. The dimensions are 48′ X 38′.

The stage dimensions are 15′ X 24′ with front curtains and side and back curtain panels. Also, on the stage is a Steinway Piano. The Sound System is on the right side (while facing the stage) which includes an iPad hook up. The light switches are above the amplifier. The speakers are located above the left and right doors to the stage.

Tables and Chairs:

  • Fireside Room: 30 blue upholstered chairs and three tables which are 30” X 6’ which fit nicely in front of the kitchen pass through.
  • Great Hall: 100 red upholstered chairs.
  • Stage: metal folding chairs on the left side, three 5′ round tables on the back wall, and a dozen card tables on the right side. Under the stage are 15 rectangular tables, 3′ X 8′. The round and the rectangular tables are heavy and require two people to move them.
  • The trick is to “Lift and Carry” the tables and the chairs. Please don’t drag them as this can damage the table legs and the floor. There is a clever table dolly which can be very useful when moving tables.

    The kitchen features a large refrigerator and a 10-burner, 2-oven, Wolf stove.

    Floor Plan